Have the Kintsugi Kit. Now what?

For those who have one of POJ Studio's kits in hand, welcome to the wonderful world, the mysterious world, the fascinatingly deep meditative world of kintsugi-repair. We strongly believe that restoration is one of the greatest skills one can acquire and hope this educational journey will be as satisfying and nurturing as it has been for us.

We offer two different kits. If you're looking to decide on the type of kit, or do not know which you have in front of you, this blog post is available to support you.

Now that you know which kit is which and it's in your hands, there are three how-to videos to get you started.



For those of you with the basic Kintsugi Kit and/or if the fracture you would like to repair is a "chip", please refer to the video below.



If you have either the basic Kintsugi Kit or the Advanced Kintsugi Kit, and looking to repair a fully "broken" piece, please refer to the video below.



And if you have the Advanced Kintsugi Kit and have a piece with an entire "missing fragment", please refer to the video below.


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