Urushi contains a compound that can cause minor skin irritation, to a more severe allergic reaction, depending on the individual. Should you experience alarming inflammation from touching urushi, or from simply being in the presence of urushi, please remove yourself from the room and consult a doctor for immediate medical attention. For most people, touching urushi will cause minor irritation and itchy skin that can last up to three weeks. Proper care like wearing gloves and a long-sleeve shirt while working with urushi, will help to prevent accidental contact. If you accidentally touch urushi, massage the affected area well with any plant-based oil straight away, like you would when removing make-up, and only wash with soap and water thereafter.


Our recommended “best before” date is one year for kiurushi as it is a raw material. Mixed urushi like eurushi, kuroroiro, and kuro urushi, can be used so long as it has not hardened. We recommend proper storage of all urushi to extend its lifespan for as long as possible, as it is a precious natural resource.

After each use, screw the cap tightly and store urushi in a cool, dry, and dark place to ensure its longevity. In hotter or more humid months, we suggest wrapping urushi tubes in newspaper or placing in a plastic bag, and storing in the refrigerator, while ensuring there is no direct contact with other objects.

æŗ¨æ„äē‹é …

æŧ†ã¯æŧ†ãŽæœ¨ãŽæ¨šæļ˛ã§ã™ã€‚個äēēåˇŽã‚ã‚Šãžã™ãŒã€ã‚ĻãƒĢã‚ˇã‚ĒãƒŧãƒĢという成分ãĢ反åŋœã—、かãļれる可čƒŊ性があるため、æŧ†ãŒį›´æŽĨ肌ãĢč§ĻれãĒいよう気をつけãĻチãƒĨãƒŧブを開封しãĻください。ぞた、äŊœæĨ­æ™‚ã¯č–„æ‰‹ãŽã‚´ãƒ æ‰‹čĸ‹ã‚„镡čĸ–ã‚’äŊŋį”¨ã™ã‚‹ã“とでäēˆé˜˛ã§ããžã™ã€‚æŧ†ãŒįšŽč†šãĢäģ˜į€ã—た場合は植į‰Šæ˛šã‚’éĻ´æŸ“ぞせãĻ、しãŖかりマッã‚ĩãƒŧジしãĻからįŸŗ隸で洗いæĩã—ãĻください。åˇĨį¨‹ã¯ãƒĄã‚¤ã‚¯čŊとしとäŧŧãĻã„ãžã™ã€‚æ•°é€ąé–“ã€į—’ãŋįļšãæ–šãŒå¤šã„です。į¨€ã§ã™ãŒã€æŧ†ãŒäŊ“čŗĒãĢ合わず、かãļれäģĨ上ぎã‚ĸãƒŦãƒĢã‚Žãƒŧ反åŋœã‚’čĩˇã“す斚もいぞす。そぎ際は、åŒģį™‚抟é–ĸãĢごį›¸čĢ‡ãã ã•ã„。


į”Ÿį‰Šã§ã‚るため、į”Ÿæŧ†ãŽæļˆč˛ģ期限はīŧ‘嚴間とさせãĻいただいãĻいぞす。įĩĩæŧ†ã€éģ’å‘‚č‰˛ã‚„éģ’æŧ†ã¯åŸēæœŦįš„ãĢå›ēぞらãĒい限り、äŊŋį”¨įļšã‘ãĻいただけぞす。æŧ†ã¯č˛´é‡ãĒčŗ‡æēã§ã™ã€‚ãĒるずく最垌ぞでäŊŋいきれるとåŦ‰ã—く思いぞす。そぎため、äŋįŽĄæ–šæŗ•ãŒå¤§äē‹ã§ã™ã€‚å…ˆãšã€å†ˇæš—æ‰€ã§ãŽäŋįŽĄã‚’ãŠéĄ˜ã„ã—ãžã™ã€‚äŊŋį”¨åžŒã€ã‚­ãƒŖップがしãŖかり閉じãĻあることをごįĸēčĒãã ã•ã„。夏場はæŧ†ãŽãƒãƒĨãƒŧãƒ–ã‚’æ–°čžį´™ã§ãã‚‹ã‚“だり、ポãƒĒčĸ‹ãĢå…ĨれãĻ、そぎäģ–ぎもぎãĢč§ĻれãĒã„ã‚ˆã†å†ˇč”ĩåēĢãŽé‡ŽčœåŽ¤ã§äŋįŽĄã™ã‚‹ã“とをお勧めしぞす。


 POJ Studio is not liable for any adverse reactions caused by urushi. If you accidentally touch urushi, massage the affected area well with any plant-based oil straight away, like you would when removing make-up, and thoroughly wash with soap thereafter.


While urushi can cause skin irritation in its raw, wet state, once it has completely hardened, it is absolutely food safe. Urushi is one of the most durable natural materials and thus extremely well-suited for environmentally-responsible, long-lasting repair of ceramics, porcelain, and other wares.