The golden tools of the trade

While not necessary for the repair to be complete, the last step of kintsugi is to dust the fracture with gold or silver powder if you wish. The two golden tools of the trade are horse hair and silk fibers.



Horse hair is used for the bristles of the brush. There are three main purposes for this brush.

TRANSPORTING The bristles pick up metallic powder to transport to the repaired area.

SPRINKLING The brush allows you to hover and sprinkle the metallic powder over and/or near the repaired area without touching it.

SWEEPING Once there is enough gold powder in the vicinity of the repaired area, the bristles of the brush are used to gently sweep the gold powder over the entire repair.  



Mawata is silk fiber. The sheet is cut into fourths, then the fibers pulled and tucked into itself to create a fluffy ball without and seams. This mawata is used to gently polish the gold powder to settle the powder into place and enhance its sheen.





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