Which in-studio kintsugi class suits me best?

Sometimes there is nothing better than in-real-life learning. If you have the opportunity to visit Kyoto, we offer several in-studio kintsugi class options. However, particularly for first timers, it may be difficult to determine which class suits your current needs best.  

One-off classes

The Rehearsal (1 hour)

Practice the last step of kintsugi-repair by applying red urushi and finishing with a brass powder. Take home a "repaired" porcelain teacup.  

The Scene (2 hours)

Begin repairing a broken piece that you've brought with you from home, or one that we have prepared for you. While this will be just the first step of the full kintsug-repair process, it will get you well on your way. After the class, you can leave the piece at POJ Studio to have a professional complete the repair, or complete the repair yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Class pass

The Act (2 hour class x 2)

If you have at least two weeks in Kyoto, take two full classes to move your repair even further along, under the guidance of a repair professional. 

The Full Show (2 hour class x 8)

And if you are in Kyoto for at least two months, or live nearby, this class pass allows you to repair multiple pieces from start to finish.


Or, take our quiz to identify the best class for your current needs.

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We look forward to meeting you in Kyoto soon!


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